Test your current level of performance with the MMP™, and learn what

to improve in order to be more successful in life!

What is the MMP™?

The MMP™ (Multifactor Measure of Performance™) is an innovative way to evaluate how well you are currently performing in various different areas. Based on this self-assessment, the self-development component of this interactive assessment-development program then provides valuable feedback together with suggestions to help you perform on an even higher level.

The MMP™ was created by Dr. Reuven Bar-On, the person who created the EQ-i™, which has become the gold standard in measuring emotional intelligence. However, the MMP™ goes beyond EQ-assessment. It is, by far, Bar-On’s best innovation in performance assessment and development yet!

How does it work?

You are asked to respond to 189 brief questions, which typically takes about an hour. Your responses are automatically scored, and a summary of the results is created and emailed to you. The summary contains an in-depth analysis that maps your strengths as well as those areas that can be enhanced in order to improve your performance.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! While this version of the MMP™ is currently being standardized for use around the world, and for a limited time only, there is absolutely no cost to complete it online and receive a personal summary of your results together with suggestions to enhance your performance to be more successful in what you do. The estimated cost will eventually be approximately US$40.

How do I begin?

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